Meet The Most Powerful Recipe For Weight Loss: Just 1 Glass Of This Drink And You Can Lost Up To 5 kgs Overnight!

It’s hard to believe but believe me this drink can really do magic for weight loss. In just few days you will lose weight drastically. Fennel seeds look somewhat similar to cumin seeds but they look little greenish in color while cumin seeds are brown. The two main benefits of fennel seeds are

They improve body metabolism rate, so your body burn calories much faster

Also they flush out all toxins from your body, they act as natural de-toxifier. SO you get healthy and glowing body.

Now let me quickly tell you how to prepare this drink


  • 1 liter of fresh, pure water
  • 2 tablespoons raw fennel seeds

Preparation method:

Place the water in a deep pan and bring it to boil. Add the fennel seeds, turn off the heat and cover the pan. Once the water has cooled to room temperature it’s ready to drink.

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