Mix Egg, Olive Oil And Beeswax, And You Will Not Believe What This Combination Can Do To Your Body!

It is an ancient Russian recipe that is passed from generation to generation.It is very simple to make and can cure many diseases.


 For preparation you need these ingredients:

  • 400 ml of cold pressed oil, preferably olive (you can use coconut oil as well if you like a nice and strong taste)
  • 1 egg, preferably organic,
  • 60 g of beeswax


Boil the egg, and then mash the yolk.  Put the oil and the beeswax in a saucepan and  then you need to cook it on low heat.

When the wax has melted,  you should add the yolk bit by bit. The oil should be static, if it starts to bubble remove it from the heat, and then put it back on until you mix the entire yolk.

After that, strain and pour into a jar. It would be good to stir a couple of times so the wax can’t fall to the bottom of the jar.

This balm can help with:


First melt the balm in a teaspoon and to avoid thickening you should immediately pour it into a pipette. After that drop the melted balm in each nostril twice a day with an interval of one hour. The balm breaks through the sinuses and pulls out all the pus, and you will see the results immediately.

2.Purulent otitis media:

For this condition you need to put in your ear a piece of cotton dipped in this balm. If it is necessary you can change the cotton, and can also spread the balm behind the ears. The balm pulls out all the pus, and in this way you can treat all kinds of ear inflammations.

3.Sore throat, abscess in the throat, tonsillitis

Spread the balm in the throat and on the neck. You need to  repeat the procedure 2-3 times during the night the abscess  will crack in the morning.

4.Bronchitis, stomach and intestines pain, ulcer, eye sty.

Take half a teaspoon of the balm three times a day before meals.

5.Women diseases: Mastitis, Fibromyoma to 10 weeks, Ovarian cysts, and Inflammation

For all these conditions you need to put tampons dipped in the balm into the vagina in the morning and in the evening. There are claims that after ten days of this treatment, you will say goodbye to cysts, but fibromyoma treatment takes longer time.

In case of mastitis,  you should put a paper napkin dipped in the balm on the breasts, and a nylon bag over it.You need to change the paper napkin dipped in balm every two hours.

6.Burns, ulcers, wounds, toothache, and pain in joints

Apply the balm on the affected area overnight and wrap it well.If the wounds are not big enough, you can use a swab dipped in the balm.

7.In case of toothache 

If you suffer from this condition dip your clean finger in the balm and rub on the affected tooth and gums.

8.Trophic ulcers, gangrene:

Put paper napkins soaked in the balm on the affected area and keep changing them every two hours. The pus will leak pus from the affected areas profusely


Make a tampon from a gauze and place it in the anus overnight for 8-10 days or until there is improvement.

10.This balm can help you to strengthen your nails:

Rub the balm on your fingernails and leave it on overnight.


For this mixture you need to use natural wax, produced by honey bees. For external use, you can use any type of vegetable oil, and for internal – it is better to be olive oil.

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