Never Thought It Was So Easy !! This Lotion Can Give You Bright Fair Feet In Just 5 Minutes!

There are a lot of people who forget to take care of their feet especially in the winter. The reason for this is simple, people know that their feet will be hidden from the rest of the people, unlike in the summer, and they just neglect them. It often turns out, however, that in the winter our skin needs more skincare treatments than in the summer. The cold weather, the shoes/ boots we are rearing, and the lack of air, often have negative consequences on our foot skin. So, it is important not to forget about the existence of our foot skin in the winter. If you, however, are one of the naughty ones that did not do this, but forgot about the treatment of their legs and feet skin, do not worry, because there is still a way to make your feet bright and shiny again.

In this article, we are going to show you these simple methods which can make your feet bright and soft like never before!

Remedy 1

For this you will need:

  • Sugar
  • Lemon juice

1.Add sugar and lemon juice

2.Scrub your feet with this in circular motion for 5 minutes

3.Leave for 5 minutes

4.Rinse it off with lukewarm water

Remedy 2

You will need:

  • 4 spoon sugar
  • 1 spoon baking soda
  • 1 spoon coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp honey

1.Mix  all the ingredients well.Scrub your feet with this in circular motion for 5 minutes

2.Scrub your feet with this mixture in circular motion for 5 minutes.

3.Leave the mixture to act for 5 minutes on your feet and then rinse it off with luke warm water.

Remedy 3

If your toenails are breaking easily and if you want to make your feet nice and soft, here is a little trick which can solve your problem overnight. All you have to do grab a pair of soft cotton socks and some petroleum jelly. Apply as much petroleum jelly as you can on your feet before going to bed, and then put on the cotton socks.Leave the petroleum jelly to work overnight and in the morning wash your feet with warm water.The petroleum jelly will hydrate your toenails and the skin around them, so you will get nice and soft feet like never before.


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