New Studies Confirmed: This Type Of Tea Can Kill Cancer Cells

Cancer cells don’t play by the same rules as normal cells. Healthy cells do their job and die. But not cancer cells. Instead, they have the power to keep on living. And chemo does nothing to stop it.

But there are natural compounds that do. And unlike chemo, they leave healthy cells completely unharmed while working quickly to make cancer cells die when they’re supposed to.

Some of these powerful compounds are probably sitting in your cupboard right nowOne common tea in particular strips cancer cells of their ability to keep surviving. It transforms abnormal cells back into normal ones. The result? They die and stop spreading.

It’s one of the most popular teas on the planet. People drink it to relax and treat insomnia. But it does way more than help put you to sleep. It helps repair damaged molecules that carry our genetic information. That damage is the cause of nearly 80 percent of cancers.

Adding more of this tea to your diet may be the most relaxing way to prevent cancer.

We’re talking about chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea to prevent cancer – the Research

A lot of teas do, but chamomile is especially good when it comes to fighting and prevention of cancer. :

The important ingredient in chamomile is apigenin, which, according to research can stop the spread of cancer cells. Cancer cells live longer than the normal ones and that’s the main factor behind their spread. Many modern drugs and medicine are made to kill cancer cells like normal cells.

Study #1

A research that took place on the Ohio State University showed that apigenin kills cancer cells at a rate same as normal cells. They discovered that apigenin stop the spread of breast cancer, but apigenin can fight lots of types of cancer, not just that one.

Study #2

Another study (in the Journal of European Health) found that it helps the spread of thyroid cancer. The longer you drink it, the more resistant you become of thyroid cancer and other diseases.

Why chamomile tea fights cancer

After researching the chemicals in chamomile, scientists discovered that the ingredients selectively killed the cancer cells while leaving the healthy ones untouched.

The key to fighting cancer is reducing inflammation, which can damage the body and DNA, opening the doors for cancer. By regulating that, you control one of the main causes of cancer. The other one is stress, and chamomile, as we already wrote, is primarily used as a stress relieving beverage.

In a study from the Journal of Life Sciences, scientists proved that chamomile fights cancer by reducing inflammation, and thus helping in the prevention of other diseases as asthma, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases.


Other health benefits of chamomile

Chamomile for insomnia

Chamomile tea is one of the best remedies for insomnia. It contains some flavonoids that have calming effects. You can use it as an infusion or as a tincture.

Chamomile for tired eyes

You’ve probably read somewhere that you can put teabags on your eyes for reducing of puffiness. That’s not just any tea: its chamomile. Put the teabags on the eyes and chamomile will reduce the circles and puffiness because of its anti-inflammatory abilities.

Chamomile essential oil for headache and migraines

Because of its sedative and anti-inflammatory abilities, chamomile is one of the best essential oils for headaches.

What you should do is rub 1-2 drops in the palms, then cup them over to the nose and inhale deeply 4-6 times. Or put 2-4 drops on a cotton ball and secure it in a zip bag – which then you can take anywhere. Or put some drops in a bowl of hot water.

Chamomile tea for the hair

The chamomile tea bags can be used for a strong hair rinse which will bring out blonde highlights. Use 6 bags in a liter of water and rinse with it. It’s a natural process so it may take some time.

Chamomile essential oil for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a bit of a taboo, but over 70% of people experience them before turning 50. Because no one wants to talk about them, they make people suffer unnecessarily.

But chamomile can help: it can sooth the irritated skin and lessen the pain. You can dilute it with base oil and apply it directly on the injured area.

Which type of chamomile to use?

There are two types: Roman Chamomile and German chamomile, but apigenin is present in both, so it’s just a question of taste.

To get the best results, you should drink a cup of this amazing tea every night.



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