No More Bad Mouth Smell, Tartar, Plaque – Use This Home Toothpaste and Whiten Teeth Too

Most of us know dental care means brushing, dental floss, mouthwash and many still do not know about coconut mouth care.

The coconut oil is the best pulling method. To get the benefits here, rinse the mouth with tbsp. coconut and swish it. this removes bacteria and problems like bad smell.

Coconut gets more popular by the day and is a relatively new item but still used in Ayurveda 3 millennia ago. Removal of bacteria and whitening in one.

The final thing is the best DIY toothpaste for tooth decay prevention, removing bad breath and cavities or similar issues. Coconut is antimicrobial.


Some stores have coconut for cosmetic use but this is processed and has many chemicals.

Get raw virgin coconut that comes in many shapes and is not expensive much.

The best toothpaste DIY for teeth whitening

This process is really easy. First get 2 tbsp coconut or 1 oz, melt this in a bowl. Add 3 tbsp baking soda or 45 g. with fork mash and stir them and get a paste mix.

This is it. keeps gums and teeth safe and whiten teeth too.

Use this same as you do regular pastes. Know that the coconut is solid in room temperature of 24-26 degrees so the remains are thrown in the bin, not the sink or sewer.

This oil weighs more than water but it never sticks to pipes in the sewer so know this to keep nature safe. For bad breath removal, use this when you brush the tongue. No more bacteria on the tongue that make the bad smell.

Also, as you finish this process, get scents of fruit in the mouth, you will be amazed by the aftertaste.

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