No More Diets And Exercises : These 24 Ways Will Help you To Speed Up Your Metabolism And Shirk Your Belly In Only 24 Hours!!!

Every women is dreaming for a flat belly,without diets and exercises.We have solution for that, there are 24 ways who will help you to speed your metabolism an to get a flat belly in just one day.

1.Start your day with ginger tea. It will improve your digestion and elimination of your food and it will also cut  your unhealthy cravings for salt or sugar.

2.Take a bath with epsom salt. Adding only two cups of Epsom salt may help deflate your belly more effectively by pulling excess water out of your body, and to avoid dehydration,you should do this ritual once a week.

3.Eat a banana.Bananas are full with potassium, a nutrient that  regulates fluid balance to flatten belly bloat.

4.Throw  away onions, artichokes, corn, cauliflower, kale, chard, spinach and mushrooms from your diet. These foods are healthy, but the cause flatulence.

5. Forget about chewing gum, because not only does chewing gum cause you to swallow tummy-bloating air, many of them also contain sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners like sorbitol and xylitol that can cause bloat. If you like to have something to chomp on,you should go for an organic variety like Glee gum or Simply gum instead. They’re still low-cal, but they don’t use those sweeteners that’ll make you puff up.

6. Avoid sweets and energy bars, because  they contain grains and sweeteners.

7. Enjoy in your meals with parsley because it is a powerful duiretik and digestion regulator.

8. Enjoy and dark chocolate, because this ingredient contain 70 percent cocoa or more.

9.Eat several teeny-tiny meals.To speed your metabolism throughout the day you should  focus on small, protein- and fiber-packed snacks or small meals every 3 to 4 hours. You will not only burn more calories eating a series of smaller meals, but also avoid the afternoon crash and end of the workday slump.

10. Eat slowly. Eating too quickly causes you to swallow excess air, which can lead to uncomfortable gas and bloating. Slowing down the chewing with your mouth closed, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect.

11.Replace citric juices with water. Drinking a plenty of lemon water is very good because it is a strong diuretic and this drink can also speed your metabolism.
12. Avoid drinking through a straw because it can cause you to take in extra air and experience a bloating.
13. Avoid fizzy and sweet drinks. The bubbles and sugar are the worst combination for your stomach.

14. Avoid white bread and pasta because they  are relatively low in fiber and may cause you to get a little,  backed up. Choosing whole grains can help with this, because they are rich in fiber, and they are essential for digestion.

15. Avoid oily foods because it is very difficult to recycle it.16. Hold off on any alcohol.It can directly damage the digestive tract  that`s why if you really can’t avoid it, always try to match one glass or serving of alcohol with one glass of water.

17. You should take a walk for 15 minutes every day. This will speed up your metabolism.

18. During the day, drink another tea of ginger and cinnamon.

19. Skip the milk and cheese because they can cause bloating, especially in adults.

20. Drink a probiotic. Kefir, kombucha  are examples of probiotic-rich foods that help you lose weight by aiding digestion. Add 2-3 servings of these probiotic-heavy foods to your weekly food plan.
21.Eat dinner early. You should cut off food intake by 7pm or 8 pm at night, and delay breakfast a little further into the day. Make sure you have at least 12 hours between your last meal tonight and your first meal this way you will speed your metabolism.
22. Break your fast with protein. Add a morning protein shake or smoothie  or a breakfast of eggs and nut butter waffles, because they will prevent surprise mid-morning or early afternoon energy crashes.
23. Avoid salty foods because salt retains the  water in your body.
24.Eat honeydew,pineapple and papayas. Honeydew melon has a diuretic effects that fights water retention, and pineapples and papayas contain enzymes that aid digestion and break down proteins that usually cause bloat.


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