No Need For Hair Transplant, With This Magic Mask All Lost Hair Will Start To Grow In Less Than A Month!

In the medical industry, if you are having severe hair fall, they have only one solution and that is hair transplant. There is no other way to regrow lost hair. But, today in this article we are going to show you one natural remedy that can help you in re-growth of your hair in less than a month!

For this remedy, you’ll need

  1. 1 Onion
  2. 1 potato
  3. Olive oil
  4. Coconut oil

Preparation and application:

1.Take 1 onion, cut it in small pieces

2.Blend it and filter this paste to get its juice

3.Peel off 1 potato

4.Cut and blend it

5.Strain out this blended potato pulp to get out its juice

6.In a bowl take 3 tbsp onion juice

7.Add 3 tbsp potato juice

8.Add 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp coconut oil

9.Mix them

10.Apply this serum on your scalp and along hair length too

11.Wash your hair after 2 hours

12.Do this treatment 2 times a week to see change within a month


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