Only 2 Minutes And Your Lips Will Be Soft And Beautiful Like Never Before!Try It And You Will Be Amazed!

Are you suffering from dark lips ?? so I have remedy for this.this is challenging remedy..this remedy is effective for all kinds of lips. very inexpensive remedy. this remedy will help you to get baby soft smooth pink lips. this is open challenge for all. so try now

You will need only one ingredient..

Take juice of one beetroot. Add few drops of coconut oil in this juice and apply this on your lips. You can apply it 5-6 times during day whenever you get time

Do this activity whenever you get time

Apart from this follow 2 steps

1. Before going to bath apply turmeric paste on your lips. Leave it on your lips for 10 minutes and then wash. It is very effective treatment to remove dark skin from your lips

2. Every night mix few drops of coconut oil and vitamin E oil and apply this on your lips. apply it on your lips and leave it for whole night

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