Only One Cup A Day And You Can Forget About Heart Disease And Stroke!

The secret of this incredible remedy lies in walnuts, or, more precise, in walnuts’ baffles, which are located between the kernels. This remedy is especially recommended for smokers, because the narrowing of the coronary arteries is often a result of chronic nicotine poisoning, as well as the consumption of fatty foods.

Tea made of walnuts’ baffles acts against blockage of the coronary arteries, heart diseases and high body temperature.

This is how you can prepare it:
Use walnuts’ barriers, located among the walnut kernels, to prepare tea. Soak 4-5 walnut compartments in the evening and boil them in the morning as you prepare tea. Drink the tea on an empty stomach.
It is recommendable to drink this tea on a regular basis because it allows great blood circulation, regulates blood pressure and soothes chest pains.
This tea is also great for dealing with temperature associated with heart pain.
You will feel the results after the first consumed cup of this tea.

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