Press these Points Of The Nose And Attract Money Like a Magnet!

Many experts claim that wealth and prosperity are so close around us as our nose is close to our face. If you learn to press the right spots on your nose, experts guarantee you success and wealth.

Specific acupuncture points on the nose have an amazing ability to attract money like a magnet. Australian acupuncturist Dr. Carlton Smith argues that based on his research there is an amazing correlation between the points on the nose and wealth.

By pressing the right spot on the nose you change the electrical flow of the current in the nervous system and open space, so you increase your wealth, Dr. Smith says, who became famous for his techniques of acupuncture on the ear.

This earned him recognition worldwide. The money comes when you learn to receive. The money will attract your aura. This new technique is called technique of correct pressure. It’s very simple and incredibly successful -claims this expert.

He recently created a six-month research project that involved 347 volunteers. All were willing to try the new technique.

It was necessary to examine the link of pressing the correct spot on the nose and the financial situation of the examinees. A miracle happened: 91% of them improved the financial situation in 18 weeks!

How do you use this method?

Dr. Smith recommends that you find time for yourself in the morning and get comfortable. Press the marked spots on the nose with your fingers. Repeat this process every morning and evening during the week and think of the money and how to increase your wealth. The process of pressing should last 10 seconds.

This means that you press and hold your finger on a specific point when you think of what you want to achieve in life.

The second week select another point. Repeat. Repeat the process until the seventh point. Then start from the beginning, until you feel very close to the money.

Table: Dr. Smith made this table, showing the possible financial advancements. There are seven points that you can see in the image.

1.Progress in work

Imagine a new role in the company, with a higher salary of course.


Think about how much you love your family and friend and how would you like to get rewarded by them.

3.Tax refund

Imagine a good worker who works hard and who deserves the refunds.

4.Lottery profit

Buy a lottery ticket and think of the numbers that you played.

5.Financial gift

Think of happiness and how you deserve an award.

6.Salary increase

Think of how much you want your salary to increase.Repeat the procedure until you have enough money.When it’s enough, you can stop pressing the spot. The money will become a part of you.



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