Press This Point On Your Hand For 30 Seconds And Watch The Results: You Will Be Amazed By The Effects That This Trick Has For Your Body!

Since the ancient time, acupressure has long been a widely used practice for healing and giving pain relief.It is a very is simple and safe method, even if you are a beginner.

For this method you only need to press certain points on your hands by using your fingers, and in this way you can remove the blockages of the energy flow in the organs that are affected by the pressure applied on these points.

This acupuncture technique lowers the stress and the headache, all you need is to find the spot on your hand and for 30 seconds you will solve your problems.The hoku point is on your palm between the thumb and the index finger. This point is connected with relaxing the upper body, stimulating the nerves and regulate it by pressing that spot.

Acupressure Procedure:

1.With your index finger and the thumb of your other hand, press  the hoku point.

2.Hold the pressure for about 30 seconds or until you felt muscle relaxation.

3.Repeat this procedure when you’re feeling tens or when you have a headache caused by stress and fatigue.

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