Put Cabbage Leaves Onto Your Chest and Legs Before You go to Sleep if you Experience Frequent Headaches-the Next Morning You Will Feel Healthier Than Ever!

Cabbage leaves are extremely beneficial.They  pull out the diseases from our bodies since they are similar to a magnet. Although it’s a great ingredient for preparing several types of meals, cabbage is also very helpful in treatment of certain conditions such as:

Swellings caused by traumas

If the place of your hand or leg has started swelling after you have hurt it, you only need to wrap it with fresh cabbage leaves. Then you should tighten the leaves with a bandage and leave it thus during the night. This method is also very effective in the case of swollen legs or a swelling on the ankle.

Thyroid gland

The functions of the thyroid gland are very important to your health, as its hormones boost metabolism, help growth, and stimulate digestion.

In order to restore the normal function of the thyroid gland, you should apply some cabbage leaves on onto the throat where the gland is located. Then you need to wrap a shawl or out a bandage in order to secure the leaves, and leave it thus during the night.You should remove the cabbage leaves the next morning.


Your unbearable headache can be caused by excessive stress, tiredness or some eye issues. Therefore you should place a compress from fresh cabbage leaves onto your temples and the forehead. Then you need to put some kind of a cap or a hat to  prevent the leaves from falling.

Pain due to breastfeeding

In the case of pain caused by breastfeeding, you should put a compress from fresh cabbage leaves on your breasts twice a day, in the evening and in the morning, and the pain will go away.


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