Put Some Vicks VapoRub On A Garlic Clove. The Reason? You’ll Regret Not Knowing This Earlier!

Vicks VapoRub is beneficial for treating headaches, cough, colds, chest and throat stuffiness, congested nose and more. But, that is not all, as they can be used for other things, which is going to leave you surprised.

Vicks VapoRub has been used for over a century and it is widely recognized as over-the-counter decongestant. However, lately have appeared some unconventional ways in which you can use this ointment which have quickly become popular. It turned out that Vicks can treat so much more that just a congested chest.

Here are 20 more incredible uses of Vicks you probably have not heard about.

1. Puts off mosquitoes

Applying a little bit of Vaseline on your skin and clothing will keep you safe from mosquitoes.

2. Sinus headaches

In case you deal with sinus headaches, you should practice this trick right away. Apply some Vicks under your nose and inhale deeply. Soon, you will notice that the menthol from Vicks has calmed your headache.

3. Ease acne

As surprising as it may sound, Vicks can help you clean your skin. Just apply some Vicks directly on the acnes several times a day and it will dry them and sooth the affected area.

4. Keep insects away

Rub some Vicks VapoRub on your neck, elbows, inner knees, and behind the ears. If you are on a picnic, and you want to get rid of the flies, just open the Vicks bottle. The best thing about it is that it is eco-friendly.

5. No more bruises

mix a pinch of salt and Vicks VapoRub and applythe mixture on a fresh bruise. It will remove it in no time.

6. Alleviate sore muscles

Begin by massaging the sore muscle using some Vicks. After that, cover the area with a warm and wet towel and lie down or raise the sore limn until the pain reduces. Repeat this thrice a day.

7. Moisturize your skin

If your skin it dry, you can improve its state by rubbing Vicks VapoRub on it, and it will make it moisturized.

8. Tennis elbow

If you want to eliminate the pain from the tennis elbow, apply some vicks and the menthol and the camphor it contains will aid you alleviate the pain. You can go on rubbing until the pain goes away.

9. Treat cracked heels

if your heels are cracked, you can apply some vicks onto them and put on socks, and then go to sleep. The following morning you should wash your feet using some warm water and exfoliate the softened skin using pumice stone. If you do this every night, you feet will always be smooth and healthy.

10. Fingernail or toenail fungus

If you deal with infected toenail or fingernail, apply Vicks on it twice a day. After you have applied the Vicks onto your toenail, put on socks. Remember to regularly trim your nail until you totally get rid of the infected part.

11. Relieve congestion symptoms and cough

Rub Vicks onto your throat and chest and you will relieve congestion symptoms and cough.

12. Prevent your cat’s scratching

For preventing your cat from scratching, you should rub some Vicks to the windows, walls and doors in your house.

13. Fast healing of cuts and splinters

If you have splinters or cuts, you should apply some Vicks on them and they will heal much quicker. You will also prevent infection by doing this.

14. Reek-free racehorses

Vicks is used by professional racers. Namely, it is being rubbed below the nostrils of racehorses on the race day for keeping the horses focused on the race and for preventing them to be fascinated by the stench of the female pony.

15. Stretch marks

Did you know that the visibility of the terrible stretch marks can be reduced? You can achieve that by applying Vicks on the affected area. You will be positively surprised by the results only after two weeks of regular application.

16. Prevent your pet’s peeing

If you want to keep your rugs dry and clean and stop your pet to pee on them you should put an open bottle of Vicks in the areas where your pet has peed before.

17. Eczema-free

if you deal with eczema, you can apply some Vicks on the affected areas, and it will relieve the itchiness and the inflammation.

18. Relieve terrible ear pain

If your ear aches, you should apply some Vicks on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball in the painful ear. You will see that this works right away.

Another trick you can use is to warm garlic clove in the microwave for ten seconds and then apply some Vicks VaopRub to an end of the garlic clove. Then, put the clove in your ear and it will relieve the awful ear pain.

19. Athlete’s feet

If you suffer from athlete’s feet, you should apply Vicks twice a day.

20. Remove warts

You can remove warts by applying Vicks to the warts and covering them with gauze or a sock. The positive results will follow in just a few days. Continue with this treatment for about two weeks and the warts will disappear.

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