Say Goodbye to Wrinkles and Sagging Facial Skin With This Simple 2-Ingredient Recipe!

As we get older, our skin ages and its elasticity and strength are naturally reduced. Luckily, there are 2 amazing ingredients that can successfully fight against loose skin and wrinkles, too. The recipe below will tighten your skin and will make it look young and firm for long time. Cucumbers and egg white are the ingredients that will make your skin look awesome.

What’s so special about these ingredients?


This ingredient restores your skin in a natural way. Cucumbers are rich with antioxidants like vitamins K and C, which are good fighters against free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the main reason for loose skin and wrinkles. Silica found in cucumbers is one of the most important compounds that supports connective tissue growth and fights wrinkles.

Egg White

Eggs have a lot of benefits, including their amazing ability to tighten the skin. Thanks to their astringent properties they can shrink large pores in the skin.


Peel the skin of one half of the cucumber and cut it. Then, slice the peeled cucumber into small pieces. Be sure that the pieces are not larger than 1 inch. Put them into a blender and blend them for two minutes on medium. If the mixture becomes pulp, you are done.

After that, place a strainer over some bowl and strain the pulp over it.

Let it strain in the bowl and push it with a spoon to extract all extra juice inside. Mix the juice with 1 egg white, and apply it on the affected area on your body that needs to be tightened. Let the mixture for 15 minutes, and wash the area with cool water. Use the mask twice in a week, if you want to get the maximum from it.

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