Say No To Nutella, It Is Poisoning You And Your Children!!!

Nutella is one of the leading global products that people are addicted of. Not just children, adults also love Nutella.

The advertisements usually put Nutella in the healthy meals and they are convincing people that it is healthy to consume it but indeed this is not the true. .

Ingredients that are used making the Nutella are not healthy, of course not all of them but just a few of them make the product bad enough for us.

There are 4 unhealthy Ingredients and they are listed below.

1.Soy – It is okay to consume soy but of course in small amounts. In today’s modern cuisine soy is consumed in large amounts and that indeed is not healthy. Soy lecithin is harmful for our health. It is linked with thyroid depression, weight gain, fatigue, problems with menstruation and breast cancer.

2.Sugar – sugar used in Nutella is pretty much cheap and loaded with pesticides and it is unable for our body to recognize. These sugars are known as neurotoxins and they cross the brain barrier and cause elimination of brain cells. Cases like ADD, ADHD, depression, autism and migraine are linked to this kinds of sugars.

3.Skim milk— Even though we think milk is healthy and it is produced on the healthy way we are so much wrong. The milk inside the Nutella is usually the one from ill cows who consumed antibiotics. Odorless milk, white liquid includes powdered milk. The most harmful type of cholesterol is loaded in the powdered milk.

4.Vanillin – it is one type of flavor that feels like the one true vanilla flavor. It has neurotoxin properties and eliminates the brain cells. It makes us addictive also and it secrets serotonin. One of the greatest producers of this flavor are factories based in China.

Say no to neurotoxins and say one big NO to Nutella. Our voice must be raised and we must protect our children and ourselves from lies connected to foods.


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