She Lost 27 Pounds And Solved Her Skin Problems When She Stopped Eating This

Kirsty Huntley (32) a mother of four children, has had skin issues and some extra pounds that she got like an adolescent, where she has been struggling for years.

In early 2008, she was diagnosed with Behçet’s disease, a condition that affects almost every organ in the body, and is incurable. One of the reasons for the acne was just the syndrome.

Just because of that, her whole body was covered with acne, which is not characteristic for a person her age and who has children. These problems have affected her and she lost her confidence in a short period of time

She was missing job and didn’t go out much of her home. Because Kristy was working with a make-up, she felt that if people would avoid her because if she can’t take care of her face anymore, how would she take care of theirs.

Kristy was visiting doctors all the, but without having any success. Sometimes the acne used to withdrew for a while, but they always appeared again. Since nothing helped her, in 2013, Kristy saw one commercial for allergy tests and decided to try with the group, which showed that she was intolerant to yeast, coffee, gluten wheat and eggs.

Of course, without thinking, she decided to try not to eat these foods. In the next 3 months she lost 27 pounds, and her acne completely disappeared. She never thought that allergies could cause such problems.

When her acne finally disappeared, her confidence returned and in January 2015 she was noticed and invited to work again as model for larger women.

We think that many people have similar issues, just by the fact that they are allergic to certain foods and it wouldn’t hurt to do checks. Kristy is the perfect example for this.


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