She Presses Her Ear With Clothespin Every Day. See Why, Because You Will Soon Want To Try It!!!

Reflexology is a piece of medicine that removes pain with pushing on particular points on the body. It is particularly suitable methods for application to the ear, because there are many nerve endings.With the assistance of clothespin, which puts pressure on a particular nerve, can be solved pain and discomfort.

The ear is linked with all parts of the body through these 6 points.

The pain in certain areas can be healed with pressure on certain points

1.The shoulders and back

The higher piece of the ear is linked to the shoulders and back. Keep one clasp for 60 seconds, and in this way you will reduce pain and get rid of pain.

For optimal results, you should repeat the procedure several times daily.


This point is linked to all organs in the body.Indeed, even a delicate massage with your fingers may help you. However, if you really have an inner pain, should consult a physician.


The higher central piece of the ear belongs in with wrists. The clothespin is the solution for painful hands and feet. If you feel chronic pain agony, maybe seeing a doctor will be the best option!

4.Sinuses and throat

The lower part of the ear is connected to the paranasal sinuses and throat. When it’s chilly or it comes to sinus contamination, clothespin can make a miracle.


Simply over the ear cartilage is a point that is connected with the digestive system. Stomach pain or issues can be reduced or even totally removed.By the way, the method can be applied preventively

6.The head and the heart

The ear is connected to the two most important parts of the body – head and heart. Headache or heart problems can be decreased with an ordinary clothespin.



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