She Rubs Aloe Vera On Her Hair. What Happens After 5 Minutes Will Surprise You!

If you are looking for a way to stimulate hair growth, look no further! This article presents an amazing Indian formula which is designed to make your hair grow super-fast.

The recipe itself is very effective, simple, and easy-to-make. It calls for simple ingredients, such as castor and coconut oil, Vitamin E capsules, and Aloe Vera leaves.

ut the Aloe Vera leaves into pieces. Remove the thorns and scrape the gel from the center with the help of knife or fork.

Take on leaf and massage in onto the scalp. Make sure the entire scalp is covered.  Then, mix a tablespoon of castor oil, two tablespoons of coconut oil, and vitamin E capsule.

Put the mixture into a bowl with hot water and heat it over a low heat, making sure it doesn’t reach a boiling point or overheats. The best would be to heat it in a microwave. The mixture is ready for application within approximately 5 minutes.

Massage the mixture onto the scalp, using your fingers just like you are doing with any other head massage.

After approximately 5 minutes, place the head on a pillow. To improve the blood circulation, massage the head while resting for about 2 minutes. Finally, tie the head in a tight braid.

Keep the mixture in a glass bottle and repeat the procedure 4-5 times weekly.

Amazingly, the first results will be visible in no time and your hair growth will increase by 45-55 percent.

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