Simple 2-Minute At Home Acidity Test To Determine If You’re At Risk For Cancer

You have probably heard a lot of talk about being over-acidic, alkaline foods, and expensive alkaline waters popping up more and more in your local grocery stores. But what does it mean, and what is a pH balance?

The pH scale determines whether something is acidic or alkaline by measuring the levels of hydrogen. It ranges from 1 to 14, where 1 is very acidic, and 14 are very basic, 7 being neutral. In a perfect world our bodies will be 7 on the pH scale. When referring to the “body” that is really related to the basic fluid in the body, lymph fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and blood.

Our digestive tract is not as stable due to changes in food that are constantly introduced. Mouth and esophagus are slightly acidic with pH characteristic value of 6.8. Our stomach is highly acidic with an average of 1.3, but that’s to be expected. Our small intestine should be about 7.4, whereas the colon can range 5.5-7.

Why should we care about all this?

Back in 1931, one scientist suggested cancer thrives in an acidic body, and ongoing research now supports the theory. Acidic body is more susceptible to disease, including heart disease, cancer and arthritis. When our pH balance is off, our digestive system is not functioning at top capacity, which meaning  that we can not absorb  the nutrients from the food we eat effectively.

When the digestive system is out of sync with the rest of our body, insulin levels, and cholesterol, not to mention your immune system is not working as it should. If you are currently suffering from a disease that can help you look at your pH balance to see how acid you are and get yourself back to a level that is intended by nature.

Home pH Test

This pH Test you can do at home and it’s very simple and inexpensive. You just need litmus paper which can buy at your local pharmacy without the need for a prescription.

First thing in the morning, collect a clean sample of urine in a clean container.Put the litmus paper into the urine. You will see the litmus paper begin to change color.

The color of litmus paper will tell you where your body rates of the pH scale. Litmus paper will come with a color scale so you can see the exact range. Continue to do this for a week and track every day to get the proper average of your pH balance. Once you determine how acidic you are, you can take steps to make your body more alkaline.

What should you do if you are too acidic?

There are plenty of ways to alkalize your body so that it returns to normal.Consuming chlorophyll supplements is one popular way of alkalizing your body. Take as directed, and continue to test your urine until you reach the desired level. You can then cut back and adjust the amount until you find the correct dosage to keep your body in a slightly alkaline state of being.

Another way is to simply eat more foods that alkalize the body.Many fresh fruit and vegetables can help make your body more alkaline, even fruits you think are naturally acidic. Lemons, limes, and grapefruits can help alkaline your body, but avoid pineapple, pomegranate, as they are acidic in the body.

Limit your consumption of bread, rice, tortillas, and other gluten foods. While whole grains do have health benefits, consuming an excessive amount of these foods can create an acidic environment in your body.

Eat less meat, as it can be very acidic in your body. Try and get more protein from beans, such as navy, black, and lima beans which are very alkaline. Nuts and seeds are very alkaline and make great snacks.

Another major cause of stress the body is acidic. Stress has a negative impact on our hormone levels that can increase the level of acid in our stomach. Find natural ways to relive your stress. One great way is to exercise, which reduces stress and fills your body with a good feeling endorphins.

We all should know that acidic body is  an unhealthy body. Now it’s easy to determine your pH balance at home, so give it a try and get your body to where nature intended it to be.



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