Start Your Day With A Banana And A Cup Of Warm Water – The Reason Why… Amazing!

Fantastic breakfast option – Morning Banana has incredible benefits. The yellow fruit, but when still has a touch of green, it is one of the best sources of starch, it has healthy carbohydrates and keeps full stomach for a longer period.


Diet is based on having a banana for breakfast followed by cup warm water.

That helps in weight loss. Believe it is regardless of what you eat during the day.

Why  does it Work

There are few theories explaining the effective side of the eating banana in the morning. Bananas boost metabolism, also promotes digestion. Moreover it is rich in starch with low glycemic index. It has fiber that passes through without being digested and in same time bananas give a feeling of satiety and helps burn body fat. Additionally, bananas block the absorption of carbohydrates.

This diet with bananas was developed in Japan by pharmacist, Sumiko Watanabe, and her husband, Hitoshi

Foundation Of This Diet

1. On a morning banana diet – try not to over stuff yourself by eating as many as you can and always follow it up by drinking warm water.

2. Take only raw fresh.

3. For lunch or dinner eat anything you like, eat until  and not uncomfortably full.

  • warm water is the primary beverage that is allowed when you are on the banana diet. Also you can have some non-caloric beverages: diet soda, coffee or tea, it is much better to avoid them.

4. Snacks such as cookies or chocolates can be acceptable only avoid desserts – ice creams or pastries. Always have healthy options like :maybe  rice ball or maybe  a seaweed snack.  One important thing is to have dinner four hours before.

5. Strictly prohibited alcohol, but wine and beer can occasionally be consumed.

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