Stop Your Hair Loss Forever Only With This 1 Minute Massage On Your Hair Like This!!!

If you have been suffering from hair fall, there are chances that your scalp isn’t getting enough blood supply. Here’s a remedy that can work wonders — massaging your scalp!

Some studies says that rubbing and massaging your scalp right after you have washed it with cold water, till it tingles, helps activate the sebaceous glands and increases blood circulation in the area — helping your hair grow healthier. You may also like to read about these secrets of people with enviable hair.

Here are the instructions how to massage your hair and to stop hair loss:

1. 1 minute massage test

At first use all fingers of both hands to massage the scalp in a circular motion. At this point you should check whether your scalp follow the movement all together? If moving along the scalp, it suggest healthy and soft scalp.But if your scalp did not follow the movement all together, indicates hard or unhealthy scalp,  and it also may lead to hair loss, baldness and other symptoms.

2. Scalp color test

The dark yellow color of the scalp represent cumulative fatigue and stress, reddish” scalp represents poor circulation, lack of sleep, sebum secretion disorders

This scalp massage helps to reduce hair loss, promote blood circulation, useful in eliminating waste products, prevent baldness, but can also prevent gray hair, and facial muscle relaxation which also soften the wrinkles.

you only need to gently massage with fingers of both hands, starting from the hairline head back of the head. It will help you to relax the scalp.Then you can also gently massage the lymph nodes around the ear in circular motion, and repeat four times. It helps to promote blood circulation, and eliminate waste.


Step 3 
Then press the scalp for total of four seconds, In upward vertical direction of the head, and repeat three times.
step 4
Massage the “Bai hui point for 5 seconds and repeat three times
What is important to know:
For better results wash your hair as you would normally, and then give it a last rinse with cold or room temperature water. This helps close off the open pores and prevents your hair shafts from drying out and becoming frizzy.Avoid scratching fingernails on the moist scalp, first dry your hair and then you should start with scalp massage.


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