The 11 Year Old Girl Became A Millionaire With A Simple Recipe Of Her Grandmother!

She is only 11 years old and already earns millions. Incredibly intelligent 11-year-old girl from Texas has just made an agreement with 55 Whole Foods markets worth $ 11 million for selling her brand of lemonade.

Mikaila Ulmer’s Lemonade Bee Sweet will be sold in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Mikaila got a $ 60,000 investment for the initial phase when she first appeared on the reality show Shark Tank on ABC are, where compete more innovators with their ideas to get more investment.

After the show she serves her lemonade to Barack Obama, as part of a Google campaign, “Dare to be Digital” and receives numerous awards for food and entrepreneurship.

She makes her lemonade by recipe with menthol, flaxseed and honey, which she has inherited from her grandmother and some of her products, donates to foundations that protect bees.

Mikaila got the idea for Bee Sweet Lemonade when she was only 4 years after being bitten twice by a bee. “It hurt me a lot and I was afraid of bees,” said Mikaila.

But then she begins to study bees and something strange happened – she was enchanted by them.

Then she begins to make a plan of how to use the recipe for lemonade from her grandmother to collect money to help the bees.

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