The Best 6 Secret Steps to Lose Weight While You Sleep!!

If you are tired of doing different exercises and buying expensive medicine for losing weight, this is your best solution to try and lose weight while you sleep. It is quite simple and all you have to do is set yourself to positions which will result to weight loss.There are six steps to lose weight while you sleep, so you just need to follow these steps and you will be closer to your wanted weight.

Six steps to lose weight while you sleep:

1.Have a low-sodium dinner

Keri Gans R.D., the author of The Small Change Diet once said that if you don’t want to feel bloated in the mornings you should definitely skip the Chinese dinner. The thing is that the salt stays in your system during the night so when you wake up you will be puffier then you normally would. The best option is to cook a healthy meal of steamed veggies and a lean protein—neither of which should be loaded with salt.

2.Do a nighttime workout

We all know that swelling can help you drop some pounds and exercising before you go to sleep can keep you up at night. But, that is not true. In 2013, the National Sleep Foundation made a survey and found out that active people have 56%-67% bigger chances for having an excellent night sleep, no matter what time of the day they do the exercise.

3.Pack your lunch

According to a study in 2013, an average restaurant meal contains more than twice the number of calories that you should be consuming in one sitting.And that’s not even taking into account the lower calorie count you’ll want your lunch to clock in at if you’re trying to drop pounds.But, when you are in a rush I am sure that you don’t have much time to make a lunch. That`s why the best solution is to prepare your meal the night before.

4.Drink lots of water

The water flushes out your system. Flushing can help you release any water you are retaining. Drinking lots of water can be very helpful. If you don’t want to run after water during the night and be up all night, Gans has a solution for you for you. Put a halt to your water chugging one hour before you go to sleep.

5.Make Sure Your Bedroom is Super Dark

The Journal of Pineal Research has published an animal study in which was written that the hormone melatonin can help your body to produce more calorie-burning brown fat. It is important to know that your body produces melatonin when you are in complete darkness. So make your room completely dark and start losing your weight.

6.Turn Down the Thermostat Before Hitting the Hay

The National Institute of Health Clinical Center made a research which says that people who slept in 66-degree room burned 7% more calories than people who were trying to lose their weight on 75 degrees and totally snoozed. Well, 7% is not so much but at least cannot hurt.

Do not be skeptic about losing weight during the night and at least try to use these six simple steps to lose weight while you sleep. For the record, you will be just sleeping and resting yourself. You won’t even notice that your are losing your weight So good luck!






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