The Bike Washing Machine Encourages You To Conserve Energy And Get Fit

We all know that exercises and outdoor cycling is the best way to lose weight.  But in this busy and modern world, people are not getting enough time for outdoor cycling. Some of them join a gym and start working on the stationary bike. With the help of stationary bike, you generate about 100 watts of energy if you have good stamina and shape.

Luckily, students at Dalian Nationalities University in China have come up with their innovative bike washing machine that harnesses this energy.

This incredible and modern bike washing machine will encourage you to save energy and lose weight while you finish your household tasks.

This Bike washing machine is a human-powered washing machine that enables you to multitask. This also conserves water while boosting your body fitness. In this washing machine students have replaced the front wheel of the bike with clothing drum. This innovative bike has not yet hit the market.

Working of Bike Washing Machine

  • The bike having pedals which help to spin and rotate the clothing drum.
  • It has a display screen which keeps cyclist aware of the wash cycle progress.
  • This display is powered by the excess energy generated during the peddle spin.

As I mentioned before this bike washing machine  is the best innovation which inspires you to get fit and active without spending extra time on household tasks.It can be used by your kids, husband and students as well.Also I must say this is an affordable invention for those students who stay at hostels and family on budgets.




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