Nowadays you can find all kinds of recommendations, recipes or stories on how to fix and heal the gaps that are created in the teeth, but the recipe that we are going to show you today is one of the best and it really works.

So if you are tired of buying all those expensive toothpaste that your dentist prescribed for you but that did not serve, then you should try this natural remedy. We all want to use something that protects us optimally from certain forms of therapy that can even cause more damage.

With this remedy you will begin to do things correctly and say goodbye to everything you have been testing so far. It will surely reduce your expensive visits to the dentist and it is completely safe.

For the preparation of this cure you should not spend a lot of money or time, because all you need is one ingredients that you alredy have in your home. It may sound incredible for you, but all you need to heal or prevent hollows is coconut oil. Coconut oil prevents holes by attacking the bacteria that cause them.

Based on new results from different studies, you should use coconut oil and non-fluoride chemicals to get the desired result, although there are still some medical authorities who insist on using chemicals and water to stop tooth decay.

If you find it difficult to believe in this, we can support our claims with the fact that in Ireland a group of researchers from the Athlone Institute of Technology discovered that coconut oil destroys bacteria that cause infections and gaps in the dentures without side effects.

For their research they added different species of coconut oil and enzymes to check the effect of these in the digestive process. When the oils were digested, the team placed them separately in certain bacterial strains to see the results. Among all the different types of bacteria, the focus was on the effect of coconut oil on the main acid bacteria that live inside the mouth and causing different types of infections, the Steptococus Mutans.

Here in this article we are going to show you how to prepare the daily treatment with a mouthwash of coconut oil, which has multiple functions.It strengthens immunity, helps with dental pain or headaches, bronchitis, female discomfort, removes toxins from your body, helps against heart and kidney disease, against cramps, is a great way to whiten your teeth and fight many other diseases.


Open your mouth and place two teaspoons of coconut oil inside, masque or keep the oil in your mouth until liquid has settled. This should not take more than half a minute.

When the oil has melted begin to move it with the tongue in the mouth for approximately 20 minutes, until all the places have been covered. Then spit out the oil and wash your teeth normally.

If you were interested in this cure and would like to know if it really works, do not wait any longer, take the coconut oil and destroy the bacteria that cause the holes. In less than a month the cavities will be an old and ugly story, and you will be amzed by the results!

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