The Japanese Women Secret: Here Is What Happens When You Wash Your Face With Mineral Water – The Results Are Brilliant!

While there are many facial products for washing and cleansing the face, in Asian countries like Korea and Japan, there is a popular way to do this using sparkling or mineral water. More commonly known as soda water or club soda, Asian women either soak their face in the bubbly or dab their faces with the water using cotton pads.

The reason why this women love this treatment is because the mineral water can help keep the cells between collagen fibers strong, aiding overall firmness and plumpness of the skin.

The sparkling water is also known to help mechanically wash out the pores without too much harshness.

This is how you should do this method:

1.Mix carbonated water or sparkling powder with mineral water or regular water in a clean basin.

2.Soak your face in the mixture. Ideally, this should only take ten to fifteen seconds, but there are others who soak for as long as they can hold their breath under the water. Typically, once or twice a week is enough.

This treatment is fairly gentle and great for most skin types, and after the treatment you will get fresh, smooth and firm skin.

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