The Mystery Of Yao’s Women: They Have No Gray In The 70’s, Lush Hair 2m Long!

Along with the cheapest solution in the world, your hair will no get gray and will be long, shiny, and healthy, just like a woman from the tribe Yao.

In the Chinese countryside Huangluo live women from Yao tribes that have the longest and the best hair in the world – a long, strong, healthy hair and without any gray hairs. They shave their hair only once in life, in 16 years before they start to look for their husband.

What is the secret of this beautiful hair, without any gray until the seventies and even the eighties?


The global market is estimated to shampoo “revolves” around 25 billion dollars a year!

The women from our area have complained about the premature “exit” of gray, the poor quality of hair or damage caused by a product full of chemistry or thermal styling aids, which dry the hair, lifeless and prone to cracking and falling.

If you’re one of them, it does not hurt to listen to advice that women’s hair, and in the eighties great, rich and without a single gray hair.

Specifically, they wash the hair with fermented water that remains after cooking rice!

The secret is in antioxidants that rice grains are released during cooking, but the food incredible hair. Studies have shown that rice water contains minerals and vitamin E, but has properties that make the hair supple and prevent damage.

Also, if your hair is already damaged, and that can help rice water because it contains instill, a carbohydrate that recovers hair. Amino acids that can also be found in rice water can strengthen hair roots, which helps to decrease and higher density, a gentle softness that remains in your hair after washing rice water, makes it shiny until the next wash.


Cook brown rice in a little more water than usual, and drain the remaining water from cooking, leave at room temperature for about 24-48 hours. It will ferment and get a tart taste. Now you can use for washing or put in the refrigerator for the next wash. If you want a little aroma, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Put this liquid on wet hair, massage the scalp for about 5 minutes, and wash with water. You do not need to put shampoo or mask, it`s enough .Is recommended to dry the hair on air.

Rice water is excellent, and as a face and body lotion or removing makeup liquid.

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