They Said Coconut Oil Was Great For You, But This Is What They Didn’t Tell You!

It seems that almost everything contains coconut these days. For example, we have coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut shreds, coconut milk and cream, coconut water, coconut flour, and coconut soya sauce. Coconut oil is part of the Arecaceae family. The coconut flesh contains high amounts of healthy fatty acids, and the composition of fat is different depending on the type and processing of the oil. 90%of the coconut oil is actuall.90%of the coconut oil is actually the medium-chain saturated fatty acids and there is also a slight contribution of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

What’s so good about medium chain fatty acids?

These acids can be easily absorbed, digested and used by the body. They can cross the blood-brain barrier freely and the brain can use them as a source of energy. Furthermore, the virgin coconut oil is very expensive completely natural, and delicious. It has many benefits:  anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties. Also it  improves the absorption of nutrients and it is not toxic for both humans and animals.

Coconut Oil for the Body and Personal Hygiene

1.Helps with the age spots

Rub in some coconut oil directly on the affected area to reduce the appearance of spot

2.Useful as an after shave

It heals the irritated skin without clogging the pores.

3.Against baldness

If you have problems with baldness, you only need to apply a mixture of coconut oil and lavender, rosemary, thyme, cedar wood, Jojoba oil, and a little cayenne pepper, three times per day to the affected area and massage gently, and you will solve your problem quickly and easy

4.As a body scrub

Mix coconut oil and salt and rub all over your body and then rinse off the skin and you will get soft and beautiful skin in a moment.

5.For bruises.

It is excellent aid for reducing swells and redness of the skin, thus speeding up the process of healing of bruises.

6.For burns.

Coconut oil can stop the  itching coming from bug bites and the burning sensation.

7.Chap stick 

Rub a bit on your lips and it will soften them immediately.

8.It nourishes the baby’s skin.

If your baby has dry scalp skin, rub a teaspoon onto the scalp every day and the coconut oil will eliminate the cradle cap.

9.Face wash/soap

Mix equal parts of coconut, olive, almond, avocado and castor oil then rub it on a wet face, leave it on for 2 minutes, rinse off and pat dry in the end. You can use this mixture instead of soap when washing your face.

10.Eye cream

Apply some coconut oil on your eyelids before going to bed to reduce puffiness, bags, and wrinkles under the eyes.

11.Diaper salve

Coconut oil  is very soothing for diaper rash.


12.Hair gel and defrizzer 

If you have curly hair, rub a little between your palms and scrunch into your hair, and if you have wavy and straight hair, comb in through from the scalp towards the ends with your fingers.

13.Hair conditioner

Apply some coconut oil to your hair ends running your fingers through your hair to distribute the rest. For deeper treatment you need to rub in some coconut oil on dry scalp and work your way towards the ends; put a shower cap on and leave it act overnight;


Apply on wounds to protect from outside dust, viruses and bacteria.

15.Makeup remover

Put some coconut oil on a cotton swab and you can  remove any excess makeup

16.Acne fix

You can use a pea-sized amount underneath your makeup to reduce oil gland stimulation

17.Nipple cream

Coconut oil is excellent for nourishing cracked, sore, and dry nipples. All you need is to apply  it with a cotton ball and leave it on between feedings.

18.Skin conditions 

It is great for relieving the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.


It can be used as a sunscreen with a SPF 4.

20.Sun burn relief

All you need is to massage the oil t gently into the painful area, and your pain will go away.

21.Stretch marks 

Coconut oil nourishes damaged skin and it is the best solution for stretch marks.


Mix coconut oil and baking soda to make your own homemade chemical-free toothpaste.

23.Tattoo healing and moisturizer

Applying coconut oil onto tattoos will prevent the fading of the pigment.If applied on new tattoos, it speeds up the healing process and reduces the risk of infection;

24.Swimmers ear

mix garlic and coconut oil and put a few drops of this mixture in your ear, then leave it to act for 10 min.You should repeat the treatment 2-3 times a day, and you will solve your problem.

25.Wrinkle prevention and wrinkle reducer

Coconut oil makes the connective tissues stronger thus restoring the youthful look.

Coconut Oil for Overall Health

26.Bones and teeth

This oil stimulates the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body which improves the proper development of bones and teeth.


Women who want to enrich milk supply, they should consume 3 ½ tbsp. of the oil a day.

28.Insulin support

Coconut oil stimulates the metabolism of blood glucose and insulin secretion, which makes it ideal for both non-diabetics and diabetics.


It speeds up metabolism, improves thyroid function, increases energy levels, reduces excess fat, and boosts muscle mass.


The saturated fats which coconut oil contains enable the control of parasites and fungi- the main culprits for bad digestion and irritable bowel syndrome. Also it stimulates the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

31.Nose bleeding 

Coconut oil prevents nose bleeding caused by weather sensitivity. In order to stop this,you should apply a little bit of coconut oil in the nostrils and in this way you will make the capillaries in the nose stronger and resistant to bleeding.


Rub the oil inside the wrist and the forearm to calm the upset stomach.

33.Stress Relief

Every time when you fell stressed you only need to apply a little bit of coconut oil onto the head and massage it circularly. This will relax you and it will lower your stress level.

34.Weight loss

The saturated fats in coconut oil stimulate weight loss and curb carvings;

35.Vitamin and nutrient

Coconut oil makes the fat-based nutrients including vitamins A, D, E, and K easily absorbable.

Coconut Oil for Internal Health Problems

36.Relieves acid reflux.

37.Reduces chronic and adrenal fatigue.

38.Soothes allergies.

39.Helps with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

40.Soothes asthma.


42.Improve the bowel function.

43.Cystis Fibrosis and Bronchial Infections.

44.Prevents cancer.

45.Improves cholesterol levels.

46.Improves circulation.

47.Helps fight flues and colds.

48.As a treatment for cognitive diseases and mild depression.


51.Reduces epileptic seizures.

52.Moisturizes the skin.

53.Helps with gallbladder disease.



56.Protects against heart disease.

57.Soothes hemorrhoids.

58.Helps with hot flashes.

59.Improves the immune system.

60.Helps with the Irritable bowel syndrome.

61.Helps with Jaundice.

62.Helps with kidney disease and kidney stones.

63.Liver disease


65.Mental clarity

66.Lung disease

67.Relieves menstrual pain.

68.Relieves migraines


70.Stops tooth decay

71.Prevents prostate enlargement

72.Soothes stomach ulcers

73.Regulates the thyroid function

74.Helps with infections of the urinary tract

source:e: The Hearty Soul



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