This 46 Year Old Woman Had Hands Like A 70 Year Old And Then Her Friend Gave Her An Amazing Skin Recipe!

We use the hands daily and experts say this is making them age faster.

Why is it like this? The hands skin is sensitive and thin and we have the recipe for restoring hands.


The back hand side is thick and has little fat so when the fibers of collagen and elastin break, aging is noticed. Washing and chemical exposure has an impact on the hands.

Eggs– experts say that this food gives more elasticity. Mix egg whites and honey 1 tbsp. grease the hands and let this dry on them. Wash with soap.

Potatoes– they make your hands smooth. Boil medium potato, mash it, add 2 tbsp olive oil, milk and honey and refrigerate the mixture. Leave this mixture 3 times per day to stay on hands for 15 min. Wash with soap.

Rosehip oil– this oil makes the hands elastic and stronger in the skin. Massage them daily with this.

Sugar and lemon– squeeze ½ lemon and mix this with 2 tbsp sugar and exfoliate the hands. Wash with soap.

Almond oil– soak hands in this oil and cold water for 5 minutes. Apply greasy cream and put on cotton gloves. In the morning, your hands will be softer.

Vaseline– apply Vaseline, put cotton gloves again and in the morning have smoother hands.

No nail biting– this affects the palms’ skin and even nail growth.

No hot water– stay away from too warm water to avoid dehydration.

Protection from the cold– wear gloves outside and keep hands warm.

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