This Can Save You From Diabetes – A Recipe For An Ancient Folk Remedy

Nowadays, one of the most common conditions among people of all ages is definitely diabetes. It is a very tough condition. Doctors usually prescribe medicines which can help, but they are harmful because they cause side-effects. Luckily, there are also some natural remedies that can help. In our article today, we’re suggesting you to try cabbage against diabetes! There are also experts who claim that cabbage juice is even more effective.

Cabbage is abundant in various strong antioxidant and anti-hyperglycemic properties. It is able to regenerate the damaged pancreatic cells, because it also possesses numerous proteins, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, as well as magnesium and potassium.

According to a survey from 2008, cabbage juice lowers the blood glucose, but also helps you lose the excess of weight. Here’s our miraculous recipe with cabbage against diabetes!


First you have to wash and chop half a kilo of fresh cabbage. Then, put it in a blender or juicer and add a quarter of a cup of distilled water. Mix until you get a green homogenous mixture with small pieces of cabbage inside. Then, mix it again at the strongest rate for about ten seconds.

Take a glass of fresh cabbage juice every day before each meal. You’ll notice the excellent results very quickly!

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