This Eliminates The Pain In The Bones And Joints, Grows Hair And Nails, And Fights Gluten Intolerance !.

Have you heard of the benefits of egg shell? Surely, you eat several eggs a week. It is a rich, nutritious, versatile food. Kids love it and can prepare it in millions of ways, but you probably do not use their shell.

It turns out that it is also very beneficial for our body. The egg shell is almost entirely made up of calcium (90%) which is highly beneficial for our bones. Calcium is easily absorbed by our body.

Among the benefits of consuming the eggshell are the following:

  • Prevents osteoporosis.
  • Stimulates the bone marrow.
  • It regulates high cholesterol levels.
  • Levels blood pressure.
  • It strengthens the bones, after some injury that damaged them (like some sprain or fracture).
  • It is a necessary complement for athletes.
  • To a lesser extent, it also contains zinc, phosphorus, manganese, iron and chromium.

How to consume the eggshell

It is recommended to ingest between 1.5gr and 3gr of ground husk, daily. You can include it in your meals or in your shakes.

The easiest way to consume it is by making shell meal. For that, you must wash the shells of 10 eggs very well. Crush them perfectly in a mortar. Then leave them for a moment in the oven to roast and remove any moisture. Keep in a tightly closed container in a dry place.

If you do not want to make the flour, you can consume it in a lemon juice. Wash the peel of an egg and let it rest in a glass with natural lemon juice. After about 12 hours, the lemon will act in such a way that the shell will no longer have hard parts. You can beat the mixture and take it directly or season it with your salads.

Natural remedies and homemade with eggshell

To detoxify the body: Wash 5 eggshells and mash well in a mortar. Mix the powder with 3 liters of water and let stand for 7 days. After this time, drink 2 glasses daily.

Syrup to stimulate the thyroid gland: Wash egg shells 8 and pound in a mortar. Squeeze 5 lemons and mix the juice with the ground husks. Let it rest in the refrigerator until the shells are soft. Mix well and add 1 liter of Rakia water and 1kg of honey. Mix the ingredients well and let stand for 7 days. Consume one tablespoon, three times a day, daily, after each meal.

For the treatment of gastric problems: mash in a mortar shell of an egg. Collect a little of this crushed, which fit in ¼ teaspoon of coffee and mix it with two teaspoons of squeezed lemon juice. When the mixture softens well, mix with 100ml of warm milk. This preparation should be drunk on an empty stomach, twice daily. The first dose in the morning and the second, before going to sleep.

As healing: The transparent film that covers the inside of the shell, facilitates healing of cuts and scrapes on the skin. When you suffer any injury, place it in direct contact with the skin and let it act.

To treat irritated skin: place the crushed shell of an egg in a bowl with apple cider vinegar.Let stand one day. Then apply the mixture directly to the irritated skin, or where the itching is found and let it act. Immediately, the irritation will cease.

Facelift: mix two tablespoons of powdered shell with an egg. Beat well. Apply all over the face and let dry. Rinse thoroughly. This is a mask that works as a facial tensor and is super nutritious for the skin.

Strengthen your nails: add ¼ teaspoon egg shell powder in enamel normally use. Works to strengthen brittle nails and promote growth


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