This Fruit Calls The Renewal Of Liver Going To 20 Years Younger!

The liver is renewal and can get regrown on its own. But when it is hurt and filled with a disease it can hurt the entire body. When we go to the doctor and were diagnosed fatty liver we believe that we will die, which is the most aggressive disease, but it really is not that good, but there are very effective ways to remove fat from the liver.

This disease is the accumulation of fat is not caused by consuming alcohol, it is rather related to overweight. Many people do not feel symptoms or health problems.

However they can often present the disease that is known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. This problem can cause liver failure and even cancer. However, there is no clear cause, but some factors may put you at risk.

The overweight and obesity is greater the greater is the risk of it. Other factors may be weight loss by poor diet, gastric surgery, and intestinal disease.

There are naturally many fruits that can be medicine for different ailments and do not know. Sometimes we eat it, drink its juice and we never realize how effective they are to cure any disease.

The tamarind fruit is quintessential to remove the fat from your liver. Not only the fruit but also the leaves and peel the tree in an infusion you heal any liver problem. The tamarind is purifying, helps digestion, contains fibers and instituted acids, protects the liver, bile cures problems, lowers cholesterol which causes the fat is removed.


Take two handfuls of peeled tamarind and put in a liter of water, blend well and get even all the substance, strain, make this juice and drink every day, every time you want, sweeten with honey to taste.

For infusion takes 25 tamarind leaves washed well put to boil a liter of water, boiling and put the leaves off and let it rest for half an hour. If you want it sweetened with honey or brown sugar to taste, although it would be advisable to drink it unsweetened.

Cut a tree shells and do the same with the leaves, add a little cinnamon and takes this infusion twice, at night and in the morning, your liver will thank you.


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