This Is A Blessing!!! Attracts Money To Your Home Not Try Cost You Anything This Placed In A Bottle And Put In This Place Of Your Home And How To Change Your Life Notes

May many people not believe in rituals, but is completely safe that Work if you have faith in them and put your good energies on your object of desire: In this case, the money, which is what we’re talking about?

The truth is that our daily rituals help stress and fatigue problems do not Affect our pocket, since responsible for bringing these are what they call “good vibes” to your life. So now stop skepticism and try it. Nothing to lose.


  • 6 peppercorns
  • 2 handfuls of rice
  • 2 green candles
  • 2 hermetic glass bottles


1.In a pot you must put water on to boil to sterilize bottles. It also covers the jars should be sterilized.

2.When vessels have dried perfectly for a while, you must add a handful of rice Have Previously selected and then athree pepper. Proceeds to cover them. This in each glass.

3.Must put a dish in your kitchen and another in the living room on a clear and view site.

4.Once located, put before them a green candle and light it some hours for quite some time is consumed.

5.Is very important not to put out the candle but simply blowing it With your hands suffocate.

6.Discard the candles but keep the jars.

Note: This ritual technique is important because we are doing direct communication with something sacred. If you are a believer we recommend that you pray to Archangel Uriel and avoid receiving visitors during this process.

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