This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork (Shocking Video)

Some religion, especially ISLAM forbids their people to consume of pork because it is unclean meat. Many people do not have a logical explanation about this. The pig is scavengers natural. Pig always eats everything such as; feces, urine, spoiled substance and harmful growth. The digestive system in pig body is incompetent for expelling any harmful toxins. In fact, pig digest foods for 4 hours. This time is not good enough for pig metabolism to uproot overload poison that ingested. The harmful toxins are stored in the body, especially in the pig organ and fat cell.

There are conventional preparation of pig pork that involved salt cure by smoking/marinating any fresh pig fork in acid environment such as; vinegar. Some people cook fork without pay attention to conventional fork preparation. Almost sixty nine percent of the fork was loaded with harmful microorganism and poison called Yersinia Enteroclitica. This harmful poison and microorganism can lead serious and dangerous health diseases such as; diarrhea, cramp, vomiting, gastrointestinal disorder and fever. According to this research, ground fork is spoiled than the solid form. Ground fork is contaminated with harmful microorganism and toxins. This harmful poison was banned in China and Europe.

The pig is hosted with various harmful parasite, dangerous creature and infection. This harmful parasite can be transferred to the human body. Here are some dangerous infection and parasites caused by pig fork, as follows:

  • Trichinella
    It is a harmful parasite, round worm can lead serious health problem such as; fever, myalgia, edema and malaise.
  • Taenia solium
    It is a harmful parasite in the intestinal that can lead to lose of appetite, tissue contamination
  • Menagle infection
    It is harmful poison that can lead sweating, migraine, chill and fever
  • Hepatitis e
    It is harmful parasite that leads weariness, jaundice and nausea. In some case, hepatitis E can cause cirrhosis, fibrosis and liver.

Many medical experts claim and confirm that people should cook fork meat appropriately if they want to eliminate the danger of harmful poison and microorganism contained in the fork, but it might be still surviving after cooked. If people want to cook fork meat and avoid this harmful microorganism inside the fork, here are some useful tricks to follow:

  • Cooking forks by using a thermometer to control heat temperature. It is very important to control fork during cooking process. It is recommended to cook or heat fork meat not under 160 degree Fahrenheit for ground fork and 145 degree Fahrenheit for regular fork.
  • Store fork meat far away from other substances or foods
  • Wash hand after cooking fork
  • Purchase natural forks from pig without ant ractopamine and antibiotic.
  • Choose fork with no anti infection agent marking
  • Buy organic fork meat because it is good for the digestive system, but still contain with harmful microorganisms. The fork worm or Trichinella is dangerous and harmful parasites that can cause serious health diseases, but this Trichinella can be eliminated by cooking.

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