This Is What Will Happen If You Put Almond Oil Under Your Eyes – The Results Are More Then Amazing!

If you are you looking for a home treatment  which will  help you to reduce  the dark circles under your eyes once and for all this revolutionary natural product is a solution for you- almond oil.

It has great source of monounsaturated fats and vitamin  E that are used for many cosmetic preparations, that includes for removal of dark circles around the eyes, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. on skin. It is defined as a natural ingredient that helps a lot in lightening the skin tone around the eyes.

So If you want to recover luminosity and youth around your eyes,then you need to try almond oil and the results are brilliant.

Here are the instructions how you can use this almond oil:

1.For this treatment you can buy almond oil at any large supermarket or pharmacy, or  another option is to make it by yourself at home, and this is how you can prepare it step by step:

  • Take well-dried almonds. Make sure they are not old and of high quality. Put them in a blender and crush. At first start with a low speed, increase it gradually to high.
  • Pause your blender for some time and start again. When your almonds stick together and form a sphere, it is necessary to stop the blender from time to time and clean off almonds.
  • Continue grinding. After some time the sphere will become a paste.
  • Add one more teaspoon of unrefined olive oil. Add more oil if you like.
  • When the paste is ready, put it in any glass jar and keep for 1-2 weeks at a room temperature. You should separate almond oil from an oil cake.

Now you can use your almond oil for your beauty routine!

2.This is how you should apply the almond oil around your eyes:


  • Almond oil
  • Cool water


  • First of all, wash your face with mild facial cleanser followed by water to rinse it off.
  • Pat dry the skin properly with soft towel.
  • Take few drops of almond oil into your hands.
  • Apply this on the dark circles affected area of the skin at night time before going to bed.
  • Spread it evenly and start massaging it gently in circular motions all around the eyes for few minutes.
  • Leave it like that for overnight and then wash it off with cold water in the next morning.
  • Continue doing this process daily for few days to keep this dark circles at bay.

This method is a excellent way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes ,and all you need is to follow the instructions and the results will amazed you!

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