This Is What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your Personality

Our blood has been classified into four different basic groups according to ABO blood group system. Various medical studies were involved in classifying and naming the blood types. Besides it, several researches were done to find the person’s personality traits according to the type of blood he possesses.

If you are curious to know about what your personality reflects about you according to the blood type, just red the article bellow:

1.Blood Type O: blood of a leader

At first sight, those who have this blood type seem an impregnable fortress, full of secrets, one can hardly see what is going on inside. Confidence is gained very hard, but once given, you can count on them. If they are disappointed, however, nothing will prevent them from breaking the “contract”.

Character: this blood type is extrovert. Dynamic, very active, in constant motion, not afraid of anything and anyone. On the outside they seem harsh, authoritarian, but on the inside they have a sweet and romantic heart that skilfully hides. They cope successfully with the difficult moments of life, assuming all responsibilities.

Professionally: their assets are dynamism, enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and sense of leadership. Being very motivated in any form, they know how to handle any situation and guide a team to the intended purpose.

Handicaps: totalitarian nature. They agree very hard with criticism. In order to succeed,  they have to choose their collaborators carefully because, if they are ill advised or put on the second place, their blind enthusiasm being able to lead them to failure.

Sentimentally: direct and passionate, they know exactly what they want and they are guided by the “now or never!” Entrepreneurs, equipped with high sex drive, they love with every part of their body and expect the same thing from the partner, not just his/her mere presence.

2.Blood Type A: the perfect performer

For the Japanese people, those with  who A blood type are seen as a “box of wood and paper” whose walls are slightly transparent, letting everyone to discern his character: open, welcoming, available, friendly. But wood and paper materials are fragile and, in case of storm or emotional work, it takes some time to repair the damage.

Character: those with A blood type are introverted, patient, reserved, and cautious when expressing themselves. They seek perfection in all areas. Soft and submissive in appearance, their inner feelings boil and they can fall into anxiety. In the private space, they are more authoritarian than one might think.

Professionally:they are appreciated for their honesty, perfectionism, performance. In fact, they give the best performance in an organized, regulated, orderly environment. Excellent collaborators, they exhibit a very serious and developed sense of detail.

Handicaps: they much more likely to run than to order, they sometimes lack a sense of initiative. The need for security and lack of trust may hamper their social ascent.

Sentimentally:shy, dull, discreet, they have the habit of taking the first step. They don’t like great emotional outbursts, passionate declarations. They prefer subtleties, implied things, but, in private, they unleash their imagination.

3.Blood Type B: the mystery person

The Japanese compare the owners of this type of blood with a “cave” because, at first glance, it is difficult to decipher their personality. However, it is sufficient for on person to get close to one of them in order to understand how complex and interesting they really are. They have neither rigid principles, nor preconceptions. It is sufficient to care about someone in order to become friends.

Character: these type of people are very independent. They don’t like their life being led by others. They are energetic, smart, original and inventive, their moods change like the weather, but these variations do not depend on the entourage, but on themselves.

Professionally: These people are original, imaginative, creative. Thanks to their spirit of observation and concentration, especially if it is to do what they like, they are able to implement great projects.

Handicaps:  independence taken to the extreme. They decline authority, rules and hierarchies. It is quite difficult to be integrated into a team or to give them responsibilities. Their impression is that everything is managed better alone.

Sentimentally: These type of people have charm, seduction, magnetism. They escape undetected and they like to use magic, fall in love and change partners, although sex is not necessarily a purpose. They are spontaneous, restless, live the moment, this at least until they discover the right partner. Then, they turn present into eternity.

4.Blood Type AB: two faces

The Noppons consider the character of the AB blood type as having dual facet. On the one hand, those that have this blood type are as an office that works precisely, because they are efficient  despite a phlegmatic appearance, but are also as a “tea terrace”, i.e. open, welcoming, smiling, but just as a facade. Being delicate and susceptible, they make up a false image to protect themselves. They are able to hide their feelings.

Character: those with this type go from one extreme to another. Outside, they like changes, friends, entertainment, they are often the center of the party, but, on the inside, they look much more serious. Pacifists, artists, having a sense of justice and being driven by the need to communicate, they are very adaptable to situations. This character varies according to entourage and not to him.

Professionally: they have an artistic sense, diplomacy and an adaptability to new situations. Intuition allows them to analyze and solve the thorniest problems. They don’t like inactivity and are able to work until exhaustion.

Handicaps: dynamic and showing off, they tend to risk when it comes to making a decision, to be trenchant. They do not give yield than in a calm atmosphere. They can’t face tense relationships, aggression and especially their capacities being put to doubt..

Sentimentally: dreamers, idealists, sometimes immature, love is for them a fairytale and wait for the Prince or Princess to take the first step. They will not feel they are actually in a relationship until they reveal it to the partner.


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