This Test Will Tell If You Have Cancer In Less Than 10 Minutes!

We all know that diagnosing cancer is not a simple procedure, you need to go to numerous doctors, conduct millions of tests and examinations until you get the final diagnosis. But all of this can become a thing of the past pretty soon, or at least that’s Dr. Wong says.

David Wong, a professor in oncology at the University in California has discovered a simple 10 minute test which can tell you if you have cancer, and you can do it even at home!

At the moment, doctors use blood tests to detect cancer if they’ve already conducted a biopsy in order to find out which genetic signature they need to look for. Even though this method can be used to predict possible cancer spreading, it can’t be used for the initial diagnosis because it can give false positive results.

Doctor Wong says that it’s possible to detect the tumor when it’s circulating in the bodily fluids, that is through the saliva through a process he calls liquid biopsy. The initial tests show that a single drop of saliva can contain enough information to reveal the final diagnosis as soon as the tumor appears and starts developing.

Wong says that the saliva test is 100% accurate and is very simple, but the most important thing is that you don’t need to go to the doctor’s for this procedure. It’s not invasive and will have an affordable price, It should arrive to the American market in approximately 2 years, after it passes all the clinical trials in patients with lung cancer.

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