This Woman Just Discovered The Elixir of Youth: She is 74 and Looks 30!

As we get older, we all try to hold on to what semblance we have left of our youth as long as we can. One woman has gone above and beyond. At the ripe old age of 74, she doesn’t look a day over 30! Clearly she has a secret, and it’s a good thing she’s willing to share it.


Annette Larkins of Miami Dade County, Florida may be old enough to be a grandmother, but just looking at her you’d never be able to tell. Her husband of over 50 years, Amos Larkins, looks like her grandfather, and her two sons in their 50’s could pass for her older friends.

She is in great shape, has clean skin and says she’s full of so much energy every day. Up at 5:30 AM every morning ready to go, it’s a stark contrast to her husband.

He never followed the same diet as her and takes prescription drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure. Something she’s never done herself, as she only uses natural cures for her ailments.


So what’s her secret? She follows a strictly vegan diet, using only what she’s grown in her garden. Amos owning a meat store in the 1960s prompted her to go vegetarian, eventually going full raw vegan a couple decades after.

Annette’s diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, but she also juices a lot of her food as well. Everything she eats is grown right in her own backyard, and she only drinks rainwater. Being a raw vegan, she doesn’t eat anything cooked or processed either.

She currently balances a life of tending to her garden, sewing her own clothes and even hosting a YouTube channel to help others lead a healthier life.

Her husband can’t help but gush over her, “she’s an amazing person, though. She does everything” he said, “builds computers, makes all her own clothes, grows her own food, and speaks three languages. It’s amazing”.

Clearly, Annette is on to something when it comes to aging, and she’s got the proof, too. It goes to show you that eating healthy goes a long way, regardless of whether or not it can make you look and feel like your 30s again.

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