Thousands Of Diabetics Celebrate This News: Finally, After More Than 10 Years, There Is A Cure For Diabetes!!!

Diabetes is one of the great problems that affects humanity and ends the lives of thousands of people. This disease can manifest itself in several degrees, but the most common type 2 diabetes.

In order to keep it under control, patients must resort to insulin. This hormone is responsible for moving blood sugar into cells and then transforming it into energy.

For this disease, a 100% effective cure is not yet available. However, a valencia clinic claims to have found a method to cure type 2 diabetes . The bariatric and metabolic surgeon, Dr. José Vicente Ferrer says that with this treatment there is an 85% chance of curing it.

The technique he uses in his clinic is an operation known as “Operation Bypass.” This operation can improve the patient’s life and even eliminate the administration of insulin. But one of the requirements is that the patient is not more than 10 years old suffering from diabetes.

Likewise, before undergoing this operation it is necessary to do a “Real Test”. With it you can know what the pancreatic reserve is and how the pancreas will respond to the operation. In most cases there is an 80% chance to eliminate the use of insulin. While 95% of the cases can reduce the amount of insulin used.

What is the operation about?

The ByPass operation of the sadist type you are looking for is to make a small stomach and a bypass of the duodenum and ileum. Its purpose is to prevent food from passing directly into the duodenum and the first part of the small intestine. This operation is performed in a very short time and patients can leave the clinic in only 48 hours.

After the operation, the patient will not need to continue injecting insulin, depending on the context. This operation can only be done for adults, who have diabetes and are overweight about 20 kg more. This type of ailment is known mostly as diabesity.

Joaquín Ortega, head of the surgery department of the clinic also talked about this procedure. He says that it is similar to surgery that is performed on obese people with a gastric bai pas. But in this case, patients are not extremely obese, but obese. Aside from fighting diabetes, this operation also helps to lose weight, reduce cholesterol, hypertension and even sleep.

Those who undergo this operation must be between 18 and 50 years of age. In addition, they must have had diabetes less than or equal to 10 years. Also, they should never have had poor medical control of diabetes. You should also not have had serious complications of diabetes.

More than 80% of positive results

So far, it has been possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method in type 2 and type 3 obese patients. In over 80% of cases, the objective has been successfully achieved. After this operation, the body reacts producing certain hormones . These are responsible for decreasing insulin resistance, while reducing blood sugar.

As we said, the operation takes about 100 minutes. Those who undergo it, can be discharged 48 hours after the operation. Its effects begin to become noticeable after the first day of operation. As a result, the person begins to lose weight and stabilizes and even eliminates their diabetes. This news becomes a ray of light for all those who suffer from diabetes .

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