Thyroid Problems: 5 Bad Habits That Make Thyroid Problems Worse

The thyroid gland affects nearly all metabolic processes in the body. Thyroid diseases are becoming a common problem for many people around the world. It can lead to problematic sleep, mood, metabolism and memory. However, don’t let this problem distress you because there are some tips that can help you with the condition. You just need to make some changes in your daily routine and lifestyle in order to manage it.

These are the 5 habits that need to be ignored when dealing with a thyroid condition:


Stress and thyroid condition can impair memory in the long term. Stress restrains the thyroid and the secretion of its hormone. They are already in danger in patients with a form of thyroid disease. Try to reduce your stress levels when dealing with a thyroid problem.


Thyroid problems can escalate with smoking. This happens because of the cyanide presence in tobacco smoke. It is an anti-thyroid agent that prevents the gland from synthesizing hormones that connect to their receptors.

Liver, alongside other organs can be damaged with this habit.


Soy consumption is dangerous, especially for people experiencing thyroid condition. It contains numerous c=ingredients that hurt the thyroid gland. For instance, goitrogens prevent the thyroid gland from synthesizing hormones and metabolizing iodine. Moreover, soy holds back the effectiveness of many thyroid treatments.


Eating too much cabbage and turnips can harm the thyroid function in people with iodine deficiency. It occurs due to glucosinolates in these vegetables, which the body transforms into goitrin. Goitrin is an ingredient that obstructs the secretion of hormone. So, you can still eat these veggies, but do not over consume them.


Not treating properly your thyroid condition can trigger a serious damage. You need to get help from a naturopath or dietician who will examine your condition and offer recommendations.


Foods to eliminate when dealing with an underactive thyroid:

  • Anything with gluten or white flour. It has been proven that it is very congesting for the body and gluten actually suppresses the thyroid. So, if you know it is slow, it is genetically weak, that is the first thing that must go.
  • Dairy products. They are very mucus forming, very congesting and also full of hormones and antibiotics that create chaos in the body. Remember you hormone health is like a symphony in the body. When one organ is out of balance, it is going to affect the entire synergy of the body and you are simply not going to feel well.
  • Sugar. It also affects your thyroid and many other areas, including the brain. Probably this is not something you hear for the first time. These three foods are inflammatory and will create a hormonal mess in your body. Be extremely careful with that because hormones are messengers that give direction for activation of all your vital functions in the body.

Foods to add when dealing with an underactive thyroid:

  • Kalp.
  • Liquid iodine.
  • Organic herbs that should be taken for 5 months to a year.

An additional tip:

No matter if you are experiencing low or over producing thyroid, make sweating therapy your friend. Your thyroid is connected to your skin, which is considered to be the third kidney. It is the largest organ of the body and that’s how the body is trying to eliminate the whole junk. So, make sure you sweat.

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