Tips You Need To Know To Take Care Of The Health Of Your Vagina And Keep It Rejuvenated!

All the muscles of the body change with time, these can grow or decrease. The same can be said of the intimate area of women, which is also a muscle . As we develop, these changes favor their appearance.

However, there comes a time when it becomes flaccid and looks strange. In these cases, the most affluent resort to aesthetic vaginal surgeries. Others decide to change the appearance of this area through vaginoplasty.

Through these methods, the patient can either enlarge or narrow it . It is even possible to enlarge the lip or make it smaller.

However, not everyone likes the idea of undergoing surgery in such a delicate area. That is why they use natural methods to make certain changes in their inner zone. Here are some things you can do to improve the appearance of your vagina.

Rejuvenate your vagina in a natural way

Kegel exercise (to tighten)



This exercise is closely related to the time of urination. What you have to do is try to hold urine for 5 seconds just as you are ending. You should do this several times a day. This practice is to loosen and tighten the muscles of the base of the pelvis.

Another thing you can do is lie on our backs, raise our legs at a 90 ° angle. You must be careful not to bend your knees as you open your legs and hold them in the air. You should stay in this position as much as you can and perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Aloe vera bath

For this remedy, you must use 2 spoonfuls of gel or juice of Aloe Vera. This substance should be applied to the vagina once a day for 20 days in a row. This process will make the muscles in that area regain strength and give them firmness.

Shower with lemon

For this method, you will need one fresh lemon. First, you should chop the lemon in two pieces and extract all its juice. Then you should mix the juice with enough water to wash the intimate area with it.

Bath with alum stone

First, take  1 liter of water, and dissolve a spoonful of alum in it. Wash your vagina with this mixture one a day. If at the end of the process you have enough of the substance, you can save it in a bottle for later.

Water shower with vinegar

For this remedy, you must mix the same portion of water and vinegar in a bowl. Mix them well and then wash the vagina with this mixture.Like the previous procedures, we must do this once a day. .

With these natural methods, we assure you that you will improve the appearance of your intimate area. So do not waste time and start using them today as soon as possible, and you will notice great results very soon!


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