Toothache? Here Is How To Relieve The Pain Immediately At Your Home (VIDEO)

Exposed tooth root, tooth decay, damaged filling, cracked tooth, wisdom tooth, gum disease are the reasons for toothache.

The most common remedy for  the toothache is rinsing the mouth with warm water with salt. But here we will present you three home remedies.


With a broad side of your knife crush garlic clove. Add some table salt and place on the affected area.

2.Garlic clove and olive oil

Grind two garlic cloves, and add a little olive oil or  any vegetable oil. Mix it well and apply it on the affected area.

3.Ground pepper and salt

You should take equal amounts of black pepper and salt. Add a water just enough to make a paste, and then  apply the paste on the aching tooth.


■ If along with the pain, there is swelling, you should chew a piece of onion or you can place it around the tooth in order to kill the germs.

■ Take care of your oral hygiene in order to prevent the problems.

■ don’t take too many drinks and foods that contain sugar. Don’t smoke, because it cans worse your problems.

■ if you can’t get rid of the pain, consult your dentist.

■ Visit your dentist regularly.

Watch this video for simple explanation of the remedies.



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