Total Hit in Asia – Lose Weight by Lying Down For 5 Minutes Without Diet And Exercises!

You are not supposed to do anything for this method, you only need to lie down horizontally  for 5 minutes three times on daily basis.

Such fast and efficient way of  losing weight  has never been easier! It sounds as good as some myth or fairytale. However, over the last 10 years, the Japanese doctor Fucuty helps women to lose weight as fast as it is possible without some special diet, exercises or spending large amounts of money.

The method is described in his book that is sold in Asia in more than 6 million specimens!

The doctor says that you do not need any special tools for fast weight loss. You will only need a large towel, and some rope to tie the towel in roll, flat surface and 15 minutes free time.

The method is  also very easy and efficient in the same time. You are not supposed to anything except lie down horizontally , three times per 5 minutes a day .

Doctor Fukujuji is specialist for problems with the pelvis, and he has discovered that the main cause  for fat tissues in the area around the belly and the waist  is the misplacement of the pelvis  and the subcostal bones.

After the revelation that these two issues are connected, he found out a method by using which you can lose the fats around the belly very fast and easy.

This is how you should do this method:

  1. Fasten the towel in a roll and fix it with some rope.
  2. Sit on a clean surface, the best is on a flat floor.
  3. Put the towel under your back in the height of your umbilicus and then lie down( the towel should be a bit large than your back)
  4. Spread your legs in the length of your shoulders and curve your feet so that they only touch the great toes.
  5. Stretch out your arms behind the head and turn the palms downwards. Then touch the little finger of the right hand with the little finger of the left one.

That is all. Although it seems very simple, that position is not very comfortable.

If you find it hard to stretch your arms, the first few times stretch them as you can, but don`t forget to touch them with the little toes on the hands as well as the ones great toes on your feet.

You need to lie down in this position for 5 minutes, three times a day.

You should do this exercise daily in order to achieve results.

Attention: If you have a problem with pelvic or other bone diseases, you should consult your doctor before starting this method.



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