Twin Babies Caught On MRI Scan Fighting In Their Mother’s Womb! Amazing! (VIDEO)

 Pregnancy brings joy and happiness for everyone in the family. But if the babies are twins, the joy and happiness increases even more. Then everyone starts to give suggestions and cautions to the expectant mother.

A report from the Public Library of Science One says that twin fetuses learn to be social from womb only. Also, it reveals that the babies seem to be already wired to interact socially with other humans soon after birth.

In the video, the twins are moving in their spaces and it looks like they are wrestling and then apologizing. The babies can imitate gestures of people around them and make other social interactions within few hours of birth.

The research has shown that it is deep into human nature to reach out to other people. It has been shown that socialization is already apparent while still in the womb.The baby on the right seems dominant, while the baby on the left side seems more careful. The one twin is kicking the other, while the other is kissing him on the forehead. Moreover, it has also been shown that twins’ behavior can be shown from the womb itself.

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