Using This Serum SinceLlast 2 Weeks, Everyone Want To Know Secret Of My Glowing Skin In Summer!!!

Today in this post I am going to share recipe of one serum that is specially for summer skin. It will keep your skin cool and will also boost your skin glow

We all love that extra GLOW on our face & I do get a lot of compliment for my glowing face so in this post I have shared the secret recipe of my GLOW SERUM which has helped me to get Glowy & Shiny Skin Naturally!

Ingredients that you’ll need

  • 1 spoon licorice root powder
  • 3 spoon aloe vera gel
  • 1 spoon rose water
  • 1 vitamin C capsule


  • In a  bowl take 1 spoon licorice powder
  • Add 1 spoon rose water
  • Now with help of filter paper filter this liquid, so that you will get smooth mixture of licorice powder and rose water
  • Now in a clean glass bowl add aloe vera gel
  • In this add mixture of licorice powder and rose water that we prepared earlier
  • Add crushed tablet of vitamin C
  • Mix it well and your skin brightening serum is ready

How to apply it

  • First clean your face
  • Take little amount of this serum on your finger
  • Apply it all over your face and massage for few minutes

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