Warning – A Beautiful Girl Suddenly Died The Reason Can’t Believe!

This story happened in Macau and it is about a teenage girl that suddenly died  by very strange reason, which will leave you shocked. Before dying the girl started bleeding from seven holes (from her eyes, ear, mouth, nose, skin and tongue). The main reason for the girl’s death was actually arsenic poisoning, and professor from medical school was invited to assist in the further examination. The professor solved the mystery in only 30 minutes, after starting the examination of the girl’s stomach. And the professor said that the girl was killed, that she did not suicide.

The main reason for this girl death is actually  the habit that she used to have. The night before her death she was eating shrimps, and she was taking vitamin C. So what actually killed the girl is a chemical reaction from vitamin C and shrimps. Yes shrimps. What the researchers found out through experiments is that shrimp and other soft shell foods have a high concentration of five potassium arsenic compounds (which is not toxic), but in the combination with vitamin C it turns into a toxic three potassium arsenic.

Bleeding is the side effect of arsenic poisoning, and it can cause paralysis of capillaries, lobule central necrosis, epithelial cell necrosis, telangiectasia and intestine congestion.

So  if you are taking vitamin C, then you definitely should always avoid shrimps!



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