Watch Your Kidneys Stones Coming out With This Home Remedy!

Kidneys are one of the most crucial organs in our body.They maintain the electrolytes stable, like potassium, sodium and phosphates, regulate blood pressure, produce hormones that make red blood cells and keep the bones strong. However, in order to function better, they should be cleaned as well from time to time.

Actually, kidneys absorb salts and toxins over time, as well as sand and stones. So, in order to avoid any inconvenience and serious pain, you need to eliminate these harmful deposits.

In this article we will present you a natural homemade recipe that will cleanse your kidneys and it will also significantly improve their work.


  • A handful of parsley or coriander leaves
  • Water


First you should take a bunch of parsley or Cilantro (Coriander Leaves ) and wash it clean. Then cut it in small pieces and put it in a pot. Cover it with clean water and boil it for ten minutes. Let it cool down and then filter it and pour in a clean bottle. Then keep it inside refrigerator to cool.

How to use it:

You should consume this mixture cold, one cup a day. After several days with regular consumption, the urine is going to change. This change comes as a result from a process of the body in which it ejects amassed poison from kidneys.

Parsley and cilantro are the most beneficial herbs for cleansing the kidneys. You can use parsley or cilantro, or a combination of both.


During the consumption of parsley tea, you should drink a plenty of fluids during the day, in order to maintain proper function of the kidneys. Furthermore, even though the drink is completely safe and natural, it is advisable to avoid it during pregnancy.


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