Weekend diet: Total detoxification in just 48 hours

This weekend diet will breathe life into your body…

If your skin is dry, you are constantly tired and have no energy; it’s possible that you need detoxification. Therefore we present an effective nutrition plan that is being implemented only for two days.

Weekend diet:


Awakening: Drink 2.5 deciliters of water

Breakfast: One cup of oat flakes with a tablespoon of flaxseed, 2 dl milk or fat free yogurt, half cup berry fruits, 2.5 dl of plain water or green tea.

Lunch: 250 g grilled hake, Swiss chard salad and boiled potatoes with olive oil, 2 tomatoes with olive oil, slice of watermelon or a small banana, 2,5 dl water.

Snack: an apple, 1.8 dl yogurt, ¼ cup of pumpkin seeds, 2.5 dl water


Awakening: Drink 2.5 deciliters water

Breakfast: a cup of oat flakes with a tablespoon flaxseed, 2 dl milk or fat free yogurt, green tea and a pear

Snack: Grapefruit

Lunch: vegetable soup, 200g grilled chicken, 150g pickles, 2,5 dl water

Dinner: salad of grated carrots and beets with lemon juice, a small piece of integral pastry, nettle tea

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