What Do Your Initials Reveal About You?

Each and every letter has a significance and when your name starts with that letter, it stands for something unique about your personality. Find out below, what the first letter of your name tells about your personality.

A: You are a very direct and straightforward person which makes you appear rude and arrogant. But you are a very honest person and now exactly what you want in life. Also, your taste for things in life is extremely sharp.

B: You are very emotional, sensitive and empathetic person. You like to help others at all costs. Also, you are very strict about your privacy and want people to respect it strongly.

C: You are a very extrovert person and do not like to be alone. You are very outgoing and have tons of friends. You are also very controlling and like to have each and every aspect of your life under control.

D:  On the outside, you represent a very strong, unbreakable and a brave front which often makes people afraid of you, however, on the inside you are a very gentle, loving and caring soul.

E: You are very intelligent and your brain is always stimulated to create new things and innovative ideas. Intelligence in other people also attracts you. You are an excellent communicator and it is the key to everything in your life.

F: You are a hopeless romantic and you are loyal, loving and have a very nurturing nature. You have these splendid qualities and seek the same in your partner.

G: You like to have a lot of action and adventure in your life. You cannot sit idle for one moment or do a 9 to 5 boring job. You are packed with energy and always on the go. You are also a perfectionist like to do everything with utmost details. Intelligence and confidence grab your attention.

H:You are always successful in your life because you are truly never satisfied completely and always striving for more. You are very passionate and determined about every task you take on. You have a lot of dreams and you put your everything into it to achieve them.

I: You like a lot of luxury and want to feel and live like a god. You don’t just like attention but love attention and like to be worshipped.

J:You have a lot of energy and people are often inspired by your energy and they wonder where you get it from. You are very loyal and committed to your relationships and can endure very difficult situations easily.

K: You appear to be a very shy, introvert and closed person but once they get to know you, they get to know the real you. In reality, you are a very fun loving, amazing, funny and a very charming person.

L:You are an empathy by heart and always wanting to help others and nurture others. You always want to take care of others because it is what satisfies you completely.

M: You are extremely volatile and you get distracted very easily. But you are also don’t give up easily and nobody can stop you from winning when you have put your heart to it. You like perfection in everything and you don’t stop until you reach the level you want.

N: You are a very creative person and always have new ideas to turn things around. The phrase “Thinking Out of the Box” is what suits you best. You are a true artist with your soul and always ready to take on new things. You are not afraid to change.

O: You live by your own rules and don’t like to follow others. They want other people to respect their way of life as they are very sensitive to their choices.

P: Your social status matters a lot to you and you like to be at your best as what others think of you matters to you. You like to beon your best behaviour at all times and don’t like to break the rules. You are also attracted to power.

Q: You are always seeking adventure and like to travel a lot. You love to explore and experience new things in life which eventually make you a better person and change your life for the better.

R: You are more of a mind person than a body person. You are strongly attracted to smart and intelligent people. You are always seeking to enhance your intelligent and will do a lot of hard work to do so.

S: You are completely selfless and have a giving nature. You tend to put others in front of you. Also, this quality makes you make a lot of friends and you are loved by all.

T: You like to live life according to your daily routine and do not like changes to it. You don’t take change very well and prefer to stick to the plan. It is the very reason you always come out successful in your life.

U: You are very positive and enthusiastic in your life. Your positivity inspires and motivates people and make even depressed people positive.

V: You like your space and privacy and don’t like people invading it. You are also very independent and don’t generally like to lean on to someone.

W: If your name starts with W, you are more concerned about yourself than anyone else. But this abilitymakes you more successful than most people in the world.

X: You like to multitask and it keeps your mind from wandering. You can perform several tasks at once and do all of them with perfection.

Y:You like to have control over every aspect of your life and like to do things in your own way. You don’t like people who use emotions to lure work from others.

Z:The last but not the least, people whose name start with Z are romantic and loving. They are so obsessed with love that even if the relationship is causing them pain and suffering, they still love the other person with all their heart.

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