What Your Skin Says About Your Health?

If your eyes are the window of your soul, than your skin is the window of your health, in fact many underlying heath diseases or conditions first appear as skin problems. What your skin is trying to tell you about your health:

Butterfly Rash

A butterfly rash across the face is often the first sign of lupus. But don’t jump to conclusions. it may also be rosacea or contact dermatitis, so you should see with your doctor.

Velvet Plaques

Velvety plaques appear in the neck or armpits as a sigh of diabetes. This condition could be benign or be caused by obesity. But it is very often a sign of diabetes. In rare cases acanthosis nigricans occurring in other places, such the hands or lips, may indicate an internal cancer.

Leg Plaque: Red on Edge, Gold in Center

it’s a distinctive sign of diabetes, and it can first appear as a dull, reddish colored patch but then become shinier with a distinct border. Sometimes the affected skin may crack and become itchy or painful.

Itchy, Violet Bumps on Wrist

This is a rash of red-purple, flat bumps and they usually appears on the wrists or ankles, but may be in the mouth or on the lower back, neck, legs, and genitals. The cause isn’t known, but if you have it, you may need to get liver tests. It could be linked to having hepatitis C.

Tripe Palms

Tripe palms describes a skin condition in which the skin of the palm becomes thick and velvety-white with pronounced folds in the lines of the hand. The skin resembles boiled tripe. About 90% of cases can be linked to cancer. If only the palms are involved, it may likely be lung cancer. If tripe palms is accompanied by acanthosis nigricans, it’s more likely stomach cancer.

Wooden’ Hands and Feet

It starts as a brown discoloration and indentation of the lower arms and legs, they become browner and wooden in appearance,  it can mean kidney disease. A small yellow spot may appear in the eyes.

Scaly Rash on Buttocks, Red Tongue

It’s a red, scaly rash, sometimes with small erosions of the skin, more often seen in elderly people. It tends to start in the fold of the buttocks or palms but can be elsewhere on the body. A bright red, painful tongue is common. The condition usually signals a pancreatic tumor, usually a glucogonoma.

This is more often seen in the elderly, it starts in the fold of the buttocks or palms, but can elsewhere on the body and is usually a sign of glucogenoma, a pancreatic tumor. A painful bright red tongue is common too.

Pay attention to your skin, and if you have any of these signs visit your doctor as soon as possible for an evaluation.


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